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3 Ways lavender can change your skin

Lavender skin care manuka honey
Lavender is one of those flowers that are use for endless things. Humans have used it for ages as a scent enhancer in perfumes and soaps. As a seasoning in foods, ointment for sore muscles. Lavender even has the ability to calm our nerves when ingested. 
But what can lavender do for your skin?

1. Detox

Our skin is consistently exposed to toxins and other pollutants in the environment. It is no surprise that our skin will suffer and collect pollutants throughout the day. Daily cleansing and using face tonics are a good way to get rid of the dirt stuck in our pores. 

However, using products containing high levels of lavender is a even better idea. Lavender contains high levels of powerful antioxidants that cleanses and repairs the damaging effects of pollutants on the skin.

Studies has also found that lavender oil is one of the few potent essential oils that can inhibit the growth of skin bacteria

2. Treat Acne

Lavender has amazing benefits when you use it on your skin. It has both antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics. It calms and nourishes the skin while treating acne, moisturising dry skin, and reducing the appearance of dark spots and scars caused by acne.

Other lavender benefits include stress and anxiety reduction that often is associated with adult acne breakouts. Because these therapeutic properties of lavender your acne can reduce because of less stress and higher quality sleep when using lavender.

3. Treat Eczema

Eczema is a very common skin condition that can be embarrassing and sometimes unbearable, however, lavender, especially lavender oil can soothe this itchy condition. This is because the oil has the ability to relieve itching and reduce the symptoms of eczema. It also decongests the irritated areas on the skin by adding moisture and accelerating the healing process.
These are  few reasons we have chosen to use this marvellous flower in our manuka honey face detox mask.

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