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How Manuka Honey Benefits Your Skin

Manuka Honey Acne

Manuka Honey is trending due to its healing benefits. It is used in skin care, the treatment of acne, weight loss, stomach aches, sore throats and the list goes on and on.

But what is it that makes this natural gold so special? Manuka Honey is a mono floral honey which means that the bees have only extracted the nectar from one single flower. In this case tea tree  (Manuka bush) flowers which contains highly anti-inflammatory properties. 

Honey naturally contains a plethora of amino acids, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, however, what sets Manuka honey apart is higher levels of methylglyoxal. This is what makes Manuka honey an effective ally in your bathroom cabinet.

Methylglyoxal has the ability to positively impact your skin. Everything from anti ageing and clearing acne to an effective cleanser and moisturiser. Mix with other ingredients or as a mask and you will notice a big difference. 




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